About the Collection

Zany Gumballs is a collection of NFTs created and brought to WAX blockchain in March 2021. In this collection, those delightful chewable candies of adolescence —dispensed from gumball machines all over the nation—have been reimagined as colorful characters full of zest and zaniness—a bunch that are often referred to as the Gumballs or even the Zanies.


The Gumballs come from the Land of Gumball, an exoplanet covered with Mastiche (or Mastic) trees. These trees are the life source of the gumballs, infusing them with an energy known as Zanius . Here, Gumballs are not born— they are blended and receive their life force from the Mastiche. Gumballs come in an array of colors and sizes and with the zaniest of personalities.


And as zany as they come, the one thing they all have in common is their one-syllable names.

About the Game

Our web-based match game utilizes gumball assets as a fun way for collectors to see their favorite gumballs in action.